“One of the best restaurants, i have visited in Abuja. Friendly staff and an impressive menu to hold it all together! “

Elliot Smith

Welcome to Cantina Express! An app designed for our restaurant based in Abuja, Nigeria. Dedicated to providing good food and speedy service. Customers have 24 hr access to our menu filled with an eclectic selection of Food & Wine, guaranteed to leave an impression.

Catina Chicken Alfredo


Chicken Alfredo: ₦4200
Espetada Chicken: ₦4500
Floriography Blooming Red Wine: ₦7500 (Best Seller)


Please feel free to fill the form on the right for any enquires or to make table reservations. Alternatively Call us on +2347064000920 & +2347064000930

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“I visited for a wine tasting event with a group of friends. The couple who ran the wine tasting were amazing and super knowledgeable about the wines they were serving. The environment was really relaxed and we all had a great time. We got some free snacks with the wine tasting as well and the price was great. Definitely my favorite restaurant in Nigeria! Highly recommended!”

Evelyn C.

Trip Adviser