An eclectic selection of Wine from around the world


Nederburg – Lyric

South Africa – Coastal Region; Off dry with low acidity. Flavours of citrus, apples and a bit of sweetness.

NGN 7500 (Bottle)

Nederburg – Winemaster’s Reserve Sauvignon Blanc


South Africa – Coastal Region;  Distinctive tropical fruit, gooseberry and herbaceous flavours support a balanced palate with a pleasant lingering finish.

NGN 8000 (Bottle)

Noble Hill – Sauvignon Blanc

South Africa – Franschhoek;  Delicate aromas eliciting gooseberry, green apple, and coriander leaf. The wine tastes cool and juicy with a crisp natural acidity.

NGN 9000 (Bottle)

Saxenburg – Private Collection Chardonnay

South Africa – Stellenbosch; Lovely citrus fruit, ripe pineapple flesh and some nutty characters on the nose. A full bodied Chardonnay that ends with a nice fresh acidity. Creamy tannins that contribute to taste.

NGN 14000 (Bottle)

Noble Hill – Viognier

South Africa – Paarl;  Bright floral aromas of honeysuckle and orange blossom. The primary fruit expression is peach and pear, with a hint of straw and a lengthy, dry finish of spice and dried herbs.

NGN 12000 (Bottle)

Noble Hill – Chardonnay

South Africa – Paarl;  Fresh primary fruit aromas of citrus, lemon curd, and orange blossom.

NGN 12000 (Bottle)

David Nieuwoudt – Ghost Corner Sémillon

South Africa – Cape Agulhas;  Aromas of green fig, white fruit and nettles. A small amount of French oak adds a hint of smokiness leading to a creamy palate with a crisp acidity.

NGN 15000 (Bottle)

David Nieuwoudt – Ghost Corner Sauvignon Blanc

South Africa – Cape Agulhas;  Powerful concentrated layers of green figs and gooseberries, with a touch of grapefruit and a steely minerality.

NGN 15000 (Bottle)

Matua – Lands & Legend

New Zealand – Marlborough;  Medium body, crisp, refreshing, slightly buttery and zesty citrus.

NGN 18000 (Bottle)

Newton – Unfiltered Chardonnay

California – Napa Valley;  Creamy texture and balanced acidity with rich fruit flavours, including melon, fig, and baked apples. Long, lingering finish of vanilla and honey accents.

NGN 40000 (Bottle)


Nederburg – Rosé

South Africa – Coastal Region;  Aromas of candy floss, cherries, strawberries and dried herbs. Clean, fruity and refreshing flavours with a good acidity.

NGN 7500 (Bottle)

Noble Hill – Mourvèdre Rosé

South Africa – Paarl;  Light salmon pink colour and a bit of orange peel on the rim. The wine elicits aromas of rose water, strawberries, watermelon, and black currant. It has a crisp, dry finish.

NGN 12000 (Bottle)


Nederburg – Cuvee Brut

South Africa – Coastal Region;  Brilliant clear with a lasting sparkle. Delicate fruitiness. Crisp and fresh with a lingering aftertaste.

NGN 8000 (Bottle)

Fantinel – The Independent Rosé

Italy – Tauriano di Spilimbergo;  Aromas of delicate red fruits and a finish of bread. The palate is fresh and velvety with a good presence of ripe fruit.

NGN 12000 (Bottle)

Fantinel – The Independent Prosecco

Italy – Tauriano di Spilimbergo;  Flowery and fruity fragrance with velvety flavor. Dry, light-body, medium acidity.

NGN 12000 (Bottle)

Segura Viudas – Lavit Brut Rosado

Spanish – Cava;  Bright, light strawberry pink. Refreshing on the palate, full of cherry fruit and a light acidity. A soft finish  gives a lovely balance.

NGN 15000 (Bottle)

Segura Viudas – Lavit Brut Nature

Spanish – Cava;  Contains aromas of apple, notes of citrus and hints of fine herbs. Dry and refreshing with a lovely acidity. Finishes with subtle flavours of dried fruits and hints of butter that are results of 18 months of ageing.

NGN 15000 (Bottle)

Ruggeri – Superiore Prosecco Extra Dry

Italy – Prosecco di Conegliano-Valdobbiadene; Delicate yellow / pale green colour and crystal clear in appearance, it displays a long-lasting mousse of tiny bubbles. The bouquet of ripe golden apples and acacia flowers leads to the gentle, fresh palate, which is pleasantly light in alcohol, extremely smooth and well-balanced with a long and fruity finish.

NGN 15000 (Bottle)

Ruggeri – Giustino B.

Italy – Prosecco di Conegliano-Valdobbiadene;  Bright straw yellow in colour, with intense aromas of juicy pears, minerals and freshly-baked bread. Good concentration on the palate backed by vibrant acidity, persistent, effervescent bubbles and a clean, balanced, crisp finish.

NGN 20000 (Bottle)

Tattinger – Champagne Brut

France – Champagne;  Flavour is both fruity and bready, exuding aromas of peach, white flowers, honey and vanilla.

NGN 50000 (Bottle)


Saxenburg – Guinea Fowl Red Blend

South Africa – Stellenbosch; Everyday wine, smoky, smooth.

NGN 6000 (Bottle)

Cederberg – Floriography Blooming Red

South Africa – Western Cape;  A fruit driven blend with flavours of ripe plums, raspberry and hints of dark chocolate with smoky nuances leaving a sweet creamy texture.

NGN 7500 (Bottle)

Nederburg – Winemaster’s Reserve Merlot

South Africa – Coastal Region; Dry, fruit forward wine with medium body and strong tannins. Flavours of berries and vanilla.

NGN 9000 (Bottle)

Nederburg – Winemaster’s Reserve Shiraz

South Africa – Coastal Region;  Dark ruby colour, ripe fruit and berry flavour with some spice and chocolate. Rich and full-bodied.

NGN 8500 (Bottle)

Nederburg – Winemaster’s Reserve Pinotage

South Africa – Coastal Region;  Smokey and full bodied with hints of berries and light tannins.

NGN 9000 (Bottle)

Nederburg – Winemaster’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

South Africa – Coastal Region;  Peppery, smooth, light with a hint of black currant and cherries.

NGN 9000 (Bottle)

Noble Hill – Estate Reserve

South Africa – Paarl;  Aged in French Oak with aromas and tastes of fresh black currant, plum, and a touch of mint.

NGN 16000 (Bottle)

Cederberg – Merlot/Shiraz

South Africa – Citrusdal Mountain;  Accessible and smooth with fruity flavours lingering on the palate. Sweet plums and blackcurrants from the merlot and cherries and spice from the shiraz.

NGN 12000 (Bottle)

Cederberg – Shiraz

South Africa – Citrusdal Mountain;  Intense red fruit, well balanced, hints of spice and vanilla, smooth finish.

NGN 20000 (Bottle)

Saxenburg – Private Collection Merlot

South Africa – Stellenbosch; Refined, rich berry/fruit flavours, hints of chocolate.

NGN 20000 (Bottle)

Boekenhoutskloof – The Chocolate Block

South Africa – Franschhoek ; Full bodied and rich spicy red with good depth of  fruit, moderate acidity and light tannins.

NGN 20000 (Bottle)

David Nieuwoudt – Ghost Corner Pinot Noir

South Africa – Cape Agulhas; Prominent red fruit of ripe cherries and sweet raspberries with earthy tones and a delicate oak finish.

NGN 25000 (Bottle)