An eclectic selection of authentic Italian and Continental cuisine


Tomato soup

Roasted tomato blended with mozzarella cheese served with a dollop of pesto

NGN 2800

Italian Fish Pepper soup 

Home made Italian pepper soup

NGN 2900

Vegetable Broth Soup

With Chicken

NGN 2600

Onion soup 

Our own home made onion soup

NGN 2800

Harvest Garlic Bread

Roasted baguette slices with garlic butter

NGN 1600

Cheese Garlic Bread

Roasted baguette slices with garlic butter, sprinkled with mozzarella cheese

NGN 2500

Roasted Bruschetta Platter

Grilled garlic bread, topped with fresh tomato concasse

NGN 2400

Baked Broccoli

Baked broccoli served with cheese and white sauce

NGN 3900

Crispy Onion Rings

Big sliced onions, crumbed and deep fried to a crisp

NGN 1600

Cantina Vineyard Platter (serves 2-4)

Garlic bread, roasted bruschetta, BBQ wings, caprese and crispy onion rings

NGN 6900

Crunchy Fried Shrimps

Breaded shrimps, deep-fried to a crisp. Served with a Thousand Island Sauce.

NGN 3700

Smoked Salmon on Toast

Slices of smoked Salmon, served on buttered toasts.

NGN 5200

Bresaola Della Valtellina

Thin slices of an italian air-dried beef fillet,served with lemon and grated parmesan.

NGN 4500

Mozzarella Sticks

Breaded, deep-fried mozzarella cheese, served with a “Thousand Island” sauce  pesto and marinara sauce.

NGN 2200

Carpaccio Manzo

Italian-style marinated raw beef, thinly sliced and drizzled with lemon-olive oil marinade, served with rucola and sliced Parmesan Cheese.

NGN 3500

Pomodoro Bruschetta

Toasted slices of baguette bread with garlic butter, topped with sliced cherry tomatoes in Pesto sauce.

NGN 2900

Parmigiana Di Melanzane

Sliced and deep-fried eggplant, layered with Mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce, then baked

NGN 3700

Chicken Wings/Strips

Sweet mustard glazed wings                                           NGN 2,800

Barbecue wings                                                                  NGN 2,650

African spicy wings                                                           NGN 2,650

Buffalo wings                                                                      NGN 2,650

Chicken strips                                                                     NGN 2,650


Cantina Salad

Shredded chicken, creamy balsamic dressing, crunchy apple, topped with nuts served on a bed of lettuce and drizzled with olive oil

NGN 3400

Caesar Salad

Grilled chicken strips, croutons, lettuce, drizzled with creamy parmesan dressing

NGN 3800

Caprese Salad

Sliced fresh white mediterranean cheese, tomatoes and basil pesto

NGN 2800

Fattoush Salad

Fresh tomato, green pepper, lettuce, spring onions, cucumber, basil leaf, parsley, pomegranate-molasses sauce.

NGN 2400

Tuna Salad

Lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, sweet corn and tuna fish with a special dressing.

NGN 3900


You can add Mushroom (NGN 300), Chicken (NGN 500), Olives (NGN 200)

Classic Margherita

Mozzarella and tomato sauce on a thin crispy base

NGN 3700

Garden Veggie

Green peppers, sweetcorn and red onion on a base of mozzarella and tomato sauce

NGN 4200


Spicy beef pepperoni on a base of mozzarella and tomato sauce

NGN 4500


Mozzarella and tomato sauce wrapped in pizza dough

NGN 3500


Spicy beef pepperoni on a base of mozzarella and tomato sauce

NGN 5500


Beef Taco    

Crunchy home-made taco shell filled with Ground-beef, tomato sauce, refried bean and guacamole topped with grated mozzarella.

NGN 3900

Chicken Taco

Crunchy home-made taco, grilled chicken, juicy corn, guacamole, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

NGN 3900

Vegetable Taco

Crunchy home-made taco shell, made with the vegetarian in mind, combining basmati rice, sweet corn, refried bean and tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese.

NGN 3400

Chicken Quesadilla

Crispy tortilla with chicken, sweet corn, fresh tomato and mozzarella served with guacamole and homemade cream cheese

NGN 4500


Cantina Original Burger

100% beef patty or grilled chicken breast, crunchy lettuce, juicy tomato and Cantina garlic mayo between a freshly baked bun with sesame seeds. Add cheese: ₦250

NGN 3800

Grilled Chicken Burger

Butterflied chicken breast, creamy thousand-island sauce, caramelized onion, lettuce, tomato and topped with melted cheese between a freshly baked bun

NGN 3900


Chef Robin’s special burger. Pure beef patty, lettuce, caramelized onion, tomatoes, mozzarella, sautéed mushroom, drizzled with Cantina garlic mayo and served between a bun

NGN 4500

Philly Cheese Steak Burger

Introducing the Cantina Style Philadelphia Burger, featuring Sliced Succulent Beef, Sautéed Onion & Green Pepper, all melted together with mozzarella cheese

NGN 4500

Cantina Classic Burger

100% beef patty, crunchy lettuce, juicy tomato, fresh onions topped with ketchup and mayonnaise between a freshly baked bun with sesame seeds. Add cheese: ₦250

NGN 3600

NEW!! Crispy Chicken Burger

Crispy fried chicken with tomato, lettuce & Thousand Island Sauce between a freshly baked bun with sesame seeds.

NGN 3800

Dragon Burger

Red burger bun with marinated and deep fried chicken, with coleslaw and Chef’s own Special SPICY! Sauce.

NGN 4500

Prawns Burger

Freshly baked burger bun, filled with grilled shrimps, coleslaw, guacamole and special cocktail sauce.

NGN 5200

Cantina Special Burger

Beef patty, crispy onions and special mushroom sauce wedged between a freshly baked bun with sesame seeds.

NGN 4200


Waldorf Chicken

Pulled chicken, crunchy coleslaw, lettuce and tomato, with hint of Cantina garlic mayo

NGN 3200

Mushroom Chicken

The classic, pulled chicken and mushroom with caramelized onion, lettuce and tomato, and a hint of Cantina garlic mayo

NGN 3600

Grilled Steak

Grilled steak, cooked to preference, caramelized onion, tomato and lettuce drizzled with creamy mustard between a freshly baked baguette

NGN 3800

Hot Dogs

Grilled Frankfurters with chopped onions, tomato and crispy chips on freshly baked bread drizzled with cheddar cheese.

NGN 3600

Fino Peri Peri Pita

Grilled Chicken Breast, Grilled Halloumi, peri peri sauce and caramelized onions on a bed of lettuce and garlic mayo.

NGN 3900

Our Burgers & Sandwiches are served with a choice of 2 sides: Fries, Coleslaw or Green Salad Or ONE Standard size side from the following: Onion Rings, Mashed Potato, Baked Potato & Baked Potato with Mozzarella Cheese



Ground Chickpea paste with olive oil, lemon & garlic.

NGN 1900

Mama Spicy Shawarma

Special “Mama Spicy” sauce, coleslaw, french fries, mayonnaise and ketchup.

NGN 1800

Beef Shawarma

Beef, pickles, tomato, onion, Tahina Sauce.

NGN 1800


Chicken Alfredo

Creamy tagliatelle in a white sauce, with chicken strips and mushroom, topped with parmesan

NGN 4200


Penne pasta in spicy pomodorro red sauce with chopped fresh parsley and grated parmesan

NGN 3200

Creamy Pesto

Creamy pesto alla genovese and tagliatelle pasta topped with grated parmesan

NGN 3500

Shrimp Alfredo

Creamy linguine in a white sauce, with shrimps and mushroom, topped with parmesan.

NGN 5500

Home-made Lasagne

Sheets of lasagna pasta, layered with mozzarella cheese, Béchamel and Bolognese sauces, topped with tomato sauce and baked in the oven .

NGN 4800

Ravioli Con Spinaci e Ricotta

Home-made pasta, stuffed with spinach, ricotta and mozzarella cheese. Served with Italian crème sauce.

NGN 4200

Seafood Pasta

Linguine pasta with shrimps, calamari, cherry tomatoes, fresh parsley, Italian herbs and grated parmesan.

NGN 6000

Linguini con Gamberi

Linguini pasta, stewed in slightly spicy Italian fish stock with cherry tomatoes and Jumbo Prawns.

NGN 6500


Mama’s Spicy Pepper Chicken

Mama’s secret recipe. Pepper chicken served with a red sauce and rice

NGN 4500

Mama’s Spicy Pepper Fish

Mama’s secret recipe. Pepper fish served with a red sauce and rice

NGN 4500

Roasted Chicken Breast with Mozzerella 

Melted mozzarella, sauteed onion, wilted spinach and creamy secret sauce, all between a roasted chicken breast topped with sesame seeds and served on a bed of wheat rice and fresh spinach leaves.

NGN 4700

Fish Bon Femme

Grilled fish fillet, with grated Mozzarella plated Bon femme  served with chips or rice

NGN 5900

Tenderloin Steak

300 grams of beef fillet, grilled to your preference. Served with a sauce of your choice (mushroom, peppercorn)

NGN 6000


300g beef T-Bone steak, grilled and served with either mushroom, or peppercorn sauce and 2 side dishes

NGN 8000

Jumbo Prawns

Battered and deep-fried shrimp, served with a thousand-island sauce

NGN 7900

Prawns Bon Femme

Sauted 150g prawns with our special bon femme sauce, comes with the side of your choice

NGN 8400

Beef Escalope

Succulent battered beef fillet, filled with cheese and crumbed, served with gravy

NGN 4300

Fish & Chips

Battered and deep-fried fish fillet, served with crispy chips

NGN 4200

Espetada “Chicken”

Marinated chicken cubes served on espetada skewers with either rice or fries

NGN 4500

Espetada “Beef”

Marinated beef cubes served on espetada skewers with either rice or fries

NGN 4500

Espetada “Shrimps”

Marinated shrimps served on espetada skewers with either rice or fries

NGN 5400


Lobster served with a creamy mushroom sauce and mozzarella plated Bon femme, served with an al dente broccoli bake

NGN 14800

Couscous with Vegetable Stew

Spicy, seasonal vegetable stew, served with couscous or rice. ( Add chicken NGN500)

NGN 4900


French Fries:  NGN 1000

Cole Slaw: NGN 300

Spanish Rice: NGN 800

Green Salad: NGN 600

Baked Potato: NGN 800

Baked Potato with Mozzarella Cheese: NGN 1200

Mashed Potato: NGN 1200

Bread Basket: NGN 600


Still Water, Soda Water, Tonic Water            NGN 450

Coke, Coke Zero, Fanta, Sprite                        NGN 450

Maltina, Amstel                                                  NGN 500

Red Bull                                                                NGN 1,000


(Pineapple, Apple, Grape) Glass                     NGN 450

(Pineapple, Apple, Grape) Carton                  NGN 1,000

Fresh Orange Juice Glass                                NGN 500


Fresh Ginger Beer Glass (25cl)                      NGN 500

Fresh Ginger Beer Carafe (1L)                       NGN 2000

Fresh Orange Juice (25cl)                              NGN 500

Fresh Orange Juice (1L)                                 NGN 2000


Milkshakes                                       NGN 2000

Oreo Mud Slide

Banana Rama

Strawberry Fields

Caramel Dream


Coolers                                               NGN 1500

Pineapple Ginger Cooler

Ginger Freeze

Virgin Daiquiri

Cantina Zobo


Cantina Iced Tea

Virgin Colada


Virgin Mojito


Star Radler (45cl)                                             NGN700

Star, Gulder, Guiness, Legend (60cl)          NGN 800

Guiness Foreign Extra Stout (45cl)             NGN 1000

Heineken (60cl)                                               NGN 1000


Bature Brewery – NEPA (50cl)                     NGN 1500

Heineken (50cl)                                               NGN 1200


Americano                                                        NGN 900

Fresh Coffee                                                     NGN 900

Espresso Single                                               NGN 500

Espresso Double                                             NGN 900

Cappuccino                                                      NGN 1500

Café Latte                                                         NGN 1500

Latte Macchiato                                              NGN 1500

Flat White                                                        NGN 1500


Pot Of Loose Tea                           NGN 800

Earl Grey

English Breakfast


Classic Chai

Imperial Green

South African Rooibos

Summer Fruits & Flowers

Cinnamon Apple

Te De Hibiscus

Winter Fruit & Flowers

Cacao Bliss